PARTICIPATE IN THE DISCOURSE o Interview a business leader about their company’s D&I policies, challenges or history or about a particular issue (such as changing social norms about body modification/tattoos/piercings; immigration, etc or intersections thereof) o Tour a company or department with an eye to innovations or issues regarding D&I. Produce a set of recommendations perhaps o Attend a presentation, talk or seminar about an issue related to this course and write a reflection on the discussion o Interview a family member or friend about their identity journey (immigration family tree, personal transition, etc) o Converse with friends or family members about their experiences/attitudes re: D&I or a demographic and compare with your own

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Submission Feedback
Hi, Ali:

Thank you for submitting this assignment. Before I can give you credit for your work I need you to provide citations and references. Any time you submit academic work you MUST provide enough information to certify that YOU have done the work you are talking about.

Because this is an upper division class, students are expected to meet high academic standards in terms of identifying and citing your sources. Please take this as a positive challenge.

Before I tell you what is missing, however, I believe you misunderstood the assignment description. For each category you are to choose ONE activity to do. For example, for the “Participate in Discourse” assignment, please do a whole paper JUST on your interview with a business leader. You don’t need to do all of the suggested activities. 

Here are your options: You can expand one of your activities using more detail and proper sources and citations, OR I can give you PARTIAL credit for the paper you have submitted, IF you provide the following information for each point:

1. I need the name of the person/people you interviewed at the company

2. the name and address of the company you visited and the date you visited,

3. the web link of the meeting you virtually attended,

4. a summary of the content covered in the virtual meeting,

5. the details of the interview with your friend and with your family (what did the friend and family members say in your conversation?)

Remember that any academic paper, even one that asks for personal reflection, needs you to interact with class material and provide sources and citations of who you talked with and what you read.

See me with questions, or make an appointment with the writing center to bring your work up to academic paper standards (make sure you ask them to contact me about the appointment).


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