Internal and External Marketing

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company has asked you to investigate technologies that can be used for internal and external communication and collaboration solutions for business. Tip – PhoenixConnect® is a communication and collaboration tool. The CEO wants to implement a system to help with communication and collaboration solutions for business within the organization and potentially outside the organization. The CEO has asked you to present potential solutions to the leadership at the next meeting.
Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes for each slide  included that describes your research. Include the following information along with a detailed description and justification of your recommendation:

List at least 4 different technology solutions
Include Pros and Cons for each solution
List any potential hardware and integration needs
List any new resources that would be required to implement and manage the solution
List any potential mobile access options
Include references and research sources

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Internal and External Marketing
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