Integrative Assignment

I need an assignment for my certification, I have submitted an assignment but I got 30 mark out of 100 which is failed . The passing mark is 70 . I need to make a massive editing  on my assignment not create new one  I will share their feedback about my assignment so you can edit and where to fix . It’s very professional training institution so the writing must be professional. 
you must incorporate all the points from feedback or else I will not accept it . You must write it specifically for SABIC which you can search it online

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Integrative Assignment
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Attached files  below : 

1 : my assignment which I wrote and failed

2: general guidelines 

3: feedback of my submitted assignment and why I failed 

4 : the questions and requirements of this assignment

– Please read the general guidelines to incorporate it

– please read my assignment

– make product more specific  

– please read the feedback I received for my assignment so you know what to fix 

– read the questions. 

– must add references

– must be 5000 words

– must add introduction, recommendations, conclusion 

– incorporates examples from SABIC company like you work in Procurement in SABIC which is a company in KSA . You can open their website and get information.  You must make it not general but specific for SABIC like a buyer if the assignment not written like this I will not accept. 


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