Insect Repellant

Introduction A. Background of the Study For us, a house is a place of residence. It is usually a place in which an individual or a family can rest, store personal property, and prepare food. In able for the house to fulfill its function, we need to eliminate some factors that disturb us in doing these things. One example is the insect. One of the easiest ways to prevent insects is to use insect repellant. This is the reason why I decide to make a liquid insect repellant for my Science Investigatory Project. There are many commercially available liquid insect repellant in the market.
The commonly used commercial liquid insect repellant in the Philippines is quite unaffordable and use chemical that may cause irritation. I plan to use natural ingredients in my Science Investigatory Project. Since the ingredient to be used is natural, the liquid insect repellant to be made is more affordable and environment friendly. B. Statement of the Problem Is it possible to make an effective liquid repellant out of cacao leaves, garlic, vegetable oil, and eucalyptus oil? If it is possible, how is the price and effectiveness of it comparing to the commercially available one? C. Significance of the Study
The study is significant to the people who want to protect their house and their love ones against insects specially those who cannot afford the commercially available insect repellant which uses chemicals. Chapter II : Review of Related Literature Chemical Repellants It is no wonder that, considering all of the above mentioned diseases, humans have worked for decades searching for a way to repel these insects. In 1946, a chemical called DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) was developed by the US Army and released for civilian use in 1957. DEET confuses the receptors of most biting insects, rendering them virtually ‘blind’ and thus much…

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Insect Repellant
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