Informative essay

 write a 2,000-word focused, informative, research essay that explores in detail a problem, controversy, or innovation in a professional field related to your field of study. Format: the paper should be no less than 2,000 words in length and no more than 2,500 in length. This word count does not include the list of sources provided through the documentation or the target audience description. Students will document all sources, including paraphrased statements and quotations, using the MLA or APA style of documentation. You can obtain guidelines from the ECU Writing Center or at A minimum of seven credible and timely sources must be cited. Title pages are not required. Students should provide Name, ENG 1213, Instructor’s Name, and the date as heading in the right or left corner of page one. Skip two lines and center a title. Number all pages after the first. Establish one-inch margins. Double-space the essay. Content: Students must incorporate quotations and utilize paraphrased material effectively. Essays should provide focused, developed and unified body paragraphs. The topic should be explored in extremely specific detail. Reliability and timeliness of the cited sources will be part of the essay’s evaluation. Introductions should identify the topic, establish a focus, and generate interest in the topic. Style: Sentence length, word choice, and sophistication of vocabulary must be modulated to meet the needs of the target audience. Students may target a small or large audience. Students must target a general audience of some type. The audience may be readers who are already interested in the topic but lack the knowledge they will receive in the essay or you might target a more general audience that does not know much about the topic but is willing to become interested in it. This selection might determine the amount of explanation you give to terminology that is specific to your field of study. In any case, try to stimulate interest in the introduction through a brief narrative, a specific example, or detailed yet surprising information.

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Informative essay
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