Informative Essay

Essay #2: Writing an Informative (and Surprising) Essay
So far you have written an essay that is theme-based: the open form narrative. For your next assignment you will be writing a thesis-driven informative essay with a “Surprising Reversal.”
You are going to write an essay where you will be seeking to surprise your audience with often overlooked and interesting information about a topic that interests you. You will accomplish this by showing how commonly held beliefs about this subject are incomplete, insufficient, or false. Topic selection is important for this assignment, so select a topic that you think may contain surprising and/or often overlooked aspects. Whatever you choose, however, must be something you are personally involved with, and this must be referred to in the essay. You cannot simply go on the Internet and ‘find something.’ 
In order to support your ideas, you may use examples, personal experiences, others’ experiences, comments made in in formal interviews, facts and statistics. Patterns of development such as comparison and contrast, cause and effect, classification, process, definition, etc. may be used to develop your points.  
Length You should write between 4-6 pages, double-spaced, for this assignment.
Your audience: students and faculty with a mistaken or overly narrow view of something because they lack the information that you can provide.
Your intentions: discuss commonly held misconceptions about a practice or place and then present your audience with new information that might surprise them.
When evaluating the essay, I will consider the following:

Does the essay hook and surprise the reader?
Does the essay focus on expanding readers’ knowledge by emphasizing facts?
Does it provide evidence of the common view effectively in your essay?
As a writer, do you come across as fair and reasonable, with an appropriate tone?
Does the essay conform to MLA standards?
Is the essay well written, grammatically and structurally?
Does it show evidence of an effective writing process?

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