Information security research project

You will need to select an organization to conduct a security assessment plan. You have been asked to develop this plan for the organization to ensure all security parameters including physical and technical are addressed by the organization. Your proposal should be a minimum of 15 pages and properly cite all references.
Your proposed organization will need to be posted in the Week 2 Discussion forum.
Project Charter

Include purpose, scope, and proposed budget.

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Information security research project
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Working Diagram and Data Model

Build a diagram of the organization’s infrastructure to include databases, applications, communications, hardware, and software.
You can develop with Visio or Open Draw

Security Assessment Plan

Introduction of Organization.
Background on Products and Services.
Present a detailed proposal of your recommendations for physical, technical and administrative security measures.
Include a Risk Assessment.
Include a Business Impact Analysis.
Address Backups.
Address Disaster Recovery.
References -You should have at least 5 references with at least two being peer reviewed articles.

Final Project Presentation

Include Presentation with Narration or YouTube video.

Microsoft Project Plan or Schedule

Develop proposed Schedule with MS Project or another Scheduling software.

APA citations
Ensure to use the Author, YYYY citations with any content brought into the paper.  Any citations in the paper need to have a listed reference in this section.


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