Info Tech in Global Economy

Q1: In the chapter 2, both the authors, (Ahrweiler, P., and Gilbert, N.) suggested that there was a need for quality simulation modeling education.  In addition, the authors identified two types of public servants that need this education.  Name the two types of public servants, and briefly explain why it’s important for these two types of servants to receive this education?
a. identify and name the two types of public servants,  
b. provide a brief narrative for each to support your answer

Q2: Chapter 3 deals with the assessment of the quality of the simulation.  The first section of the chapter pointed out the problems of the standard view and the constructivist view in evaluating social simulations. Simulation is good when we get from it what we originally would have liked to get from the target; in this, the evaluation of the simulation is guided by the expectations, anticipations, and experience of the community that uses it. This makes the user community view the most promising mechanism to assess the quality of a policy-modeling exercise. The second section looks at a concrete policy-modeling example to test this idea. 
Based on the author’s assessment on the quality of social simulation modeling, 
a. why did they think that the user community needed to be enabled to understand the model?  
b. identify and name the reason why the user community needed to be enabled to understand the model,  

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Info Tech in Global Economy
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