Individual: Cyber Security, ICT, Legal Obligations and Constraints

You have been asked by the CIO of your company, or another company, to create a PowerPoint® informational  presentation. Examples of companies might be a company you have worked  for in the past or wish to work for in the future.  The audience for  this week’s presentation will be a group of department supervisors.
The objectives of this presentation are to:

Define “cyber security,” and identify threats to private and public organizations.
Define Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and explain why it is a very important component of cyber security.
Identify the pillars of personal security that assist in personal protection.
Define the Six Principles of Information Security Management and legislation constraints that apply to cyber security.

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Individual: Cyber Security, ICT, Legal Obligations and Constraints
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Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® informational presentation, including the following:

Content for each of the objectives
Speaker’s notes
References used to support your presentation, including a minimum of  two outside academic references in addition to course textbooks and  videos


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