Impact of engineering

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Impact of engineering
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You have been hired as the Technology & Engineering writer for a general-interest publication like the Wall Street Journal, Popular Mechanics, etc. Your first assignment is to write a short article on a current trend in engineering and its potential impact on humanity.


1. Choose a topic that interests you. The list of suggested topics below can be used for inspiration or choose a different topic that you prefer. Consult with me if you are unsure whether your preferred topic is appropriate for the assignment. Read two or three articles on the topic in general-interest publications and pay attention to the writing style of the articles.
Suggested topics:


Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Electric cars

Self-driving cars

America’s natural gas

Video surveillance in public places and law enforcement

Colonizing Mars

Re-usable rockets

Facial recognition technology

Use of robots 

3-D printing (additive manufacturing)

Genetic engineering in humans

Internet of Things

Collection of personal data



Quantum computing

Commercial space travel


2. Discuss the Impact of your chosen topic in three to four well-structured paragraphs. Suggested content:

Paragraph 1: Introduce the topic and generate interest (encourage the reader to keep reading)

Paragraph 2: Discuss potential benefits to humanity (positive impacts)

Paragraph 3: Discuss possible trade-offs, drawbacks, or risks (negative impacts)

Paragraph 4: Offer a plausible view on the overall impact of this topic on humanity. Describe any measures, precautions, legislation, or business opportunities that you believe will/should accompany this development. 

Title: After writing, editing, and proofreading the text, give the article a descriptive title that encapsulates your message in the article.

Additional instructions and inspiration

You are not required to follow the exact paragraph structure described above, but you should discuss both positive and negative impacts and express a view on the overall impact

Cite at least three quantitative facts to back up your assertions (credible public sources OK, use Footnote function in Word), but rely heavily on your imagination and show a high degree of independent thought

Do not hesitate to think to extremes (contributions to peace, prosperity, human health; or war, disease, poverty, loss of rights).

Suggested length: one single-spaced page, up to 2 pages


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