ICT- Is the understanding of different information and verifying information from data and knowledge

ICT- Is the understanding of different information and verifying information from data and knowledge. How information is communicated and the different types of technology involved. Systems involving computers. Transfer of data and the different types of transfers.ICT does not always involve computers any sort of data being processed into information involves ICT.
The Impact of ICT on the music industry
This assignment will describe how ICT has affected the general public via the music industry. Music is everywhere nowadays in many different forms but many people do not realise how much of it is ICT based. It’s amazing how much of music now relies on computers to run. Music is usually stored in digital format on CD, Minidisk or DVD’s. All stages of music production require some sought of ICT involvement from recording to actual CD manufacture .

The musician will record the music via microphones that will record and then computers will be used to enhance the quality of the music and then the final touches are added. The internet has also benefited the music industry as people can download music very quickly efficiently but this has also meant that the rate of piracy has increased. Most people wouldn’t believe how much it is costing the artists and producers, the figure I millions. Broadband has also helped step up the downloading music from the internet especially from peer to peer networks such as KAZAA. An example of a major internet piracy bust would be Audio galaxy which was closed down due to it releasing music without licenses.
ICT has meant that music can be stored instantly and randomly so that it can be edited and mixed for production even by home users. Music has become portable and even phones nowadays have MIDI ring tones that can be transferred using a PC. Phones even allow music recorded onto them for later listening. This just shows how many day to day products are being integrated with music technology and how important music is becoming to society. Most phones that are being released currently come with integrated radio and also stereo headphones. Storing music on computers has meant the urge for more memory and the reason memory on computers is required so much is due to the storage of music. Although ICT has created many new jobs it has also meant that many jobs have been lost due to the fact many jobs have become automated e.g. CD production.
An amazing event involving a surprising computer program called EMI (Experiments in Musical Instruments) performed at a concert by writing Mozart’s 42nd symphony but the amazing thing is that Mozart only wrote 41. This program was able to replace a musician and compile a whole symphony. This program is able to recognise a composer’s signature (the distinctive pattern a composer tends to use over and over again). This shows how computers are more and more replacing humans and doing their jobs. Computers have also meant that many new highly skilled jobs are on offer for people who have degrees in the computer section. Overall ICT has affected society as a whole and day by day more and more people are becoming dependant on computers. Nearly everything runs on or is guided by computers and most scary of all our lives balance on the computers. Young people have also become addicted to games and surfing the net causing parents a major problem.

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ICT- Is the understanding of different information and verifying information from data and knowledge
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