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read one of the articles below:

MacInnis, J. B. (2015). Living under the sea. Journal of Diving History, 23(85), 40-43. Retrieved from

Hardy, K., Koblick, I., & MacInnis, J. B. (2016). Ed Link’s submerged portable inflatable dwelling (SPID). Journal of Diving

History, 24(86), 42-26. Retrieved from https://libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/login?

After reading the article, you will write an article review that includes a short summary of the article and your general

thoughts about the article. You should address how the physical concepts that we have learned in this unit are used or

applied. In your discussion of how this article applies to the unit concepts, you should:

describe various fluid dynamics terminologies within the article,distinguish between atmospheric pressure and liquid pressure,describe ideal gas law for various practical applications.

Your article review should be at least three pages long, and it should be formatted in APA style. You are not required to use

any references other than the article, but any information from outside sources, including the article, should be cited in APA



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