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According to cultural relativists, whatever moral values a culture holds, those moral values are correct for every member of that culture.  One consequence of this theory is that cultures can never make moral progress.  The moral values of a culture can change over time, but they cannot get better or worse.  After all, the moral values at an earlier time were correct (simply by being the moral values of the culture) and then they change to a newer, equally correct set of moral values.  To change from one correct set of values to a different correct set of values does not allow any improvement or decline in moral values.  Consider the moral values held by our own Western culture in the past and today.  Do you think that there is any evidence of moral progress or decline?  Defend one of the following views: Western culture is more moral today than in the past; Western culture is less moral today than in the past; or, Western culture is equally moral today compared to the past (neither better nor worse).  Offer evidence to support your choice.  (5 sentence minimum)

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