I need this assingment in 5 hours

You should have three items when you upload your PDF file – NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED (I have reminded you several times)

Analysis Sheet: 
Copy the following questions on a Word document and answer each as instructed. 
Web Site Goal
Describe the goal of your website in one or two sentences. 
What results do I want to see?
List the working title of each page on your website. You will have six to ten working titles listed.
What information do I need? List where you will obtain the content (facts, text, graphics, sounds, video) for the web pages you listed above.
How will your project use a form? Describe how you plan to use a form in your project to collect information — examples of using a form might be to offer feedback, provide a survey or poll, offer subscriptions to a newsletter, etc.
Site Map: Using a word processor, PowerPoint, or other tools, draw a flowchart (storyboard) of your website that shows the hierarchy of pages and relationships between the pages. 
Wireframe: Use a computer application of your choice (Publisher or word are suggested) to create a wireframe for one sample page on your web site that clearly shows the layout of your page including the logo, navigation, content, and footer areas. See link for information on wireframe: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/a-beginners-guide-to-wireframing–webdesign-7399 
Put all three into a PDF file.  The file name should be yournamePlanning, where yourname is replaced by your last name.  Upload the PDF file to Blackboard.

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I will include my website idea so you can see what my website will be about. ” see the attachment” should be related to my choice. 


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