i need help to solve these questions

Q1: Initial Post: Respond to each prompt below.

1. Research on the web and find one piece of Specialized Application Software you would find useful for your home, school, or business.  Describe how it would fit with your home, school, or business.
2. Offer two new or interesting details about the software you chose. Typically, there are dozens of the same type of software.  Why did you choose this specific piece of software?
Use Google Docs to write a brief life history. This can be a story about you (preferred), a historical figure, or even a superhero!
Assignment Criteria
You may use more than the required number of each criteria.
· Google Docs
· Table of Contents
· Headings (3) (e.g. My early years, Grammar School, High School, Sports, Hobbies)
· Photo (1) in-line with text
· Theme
· Header: Document title
· Footer: Page numbers
· Spelling and Grammar check
· Where is the person from?
· What are their interests and hobbies?
· What are their college and/or career goals?
· What is the 25 year plan?
· Describe one or more significant life event.
Note: This assignment will be shared with peers in class. Satisfactory assignment example.

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