I Am I Am Not Poster

A balloon is sucked in with air just like human. I can keep it plain and simple. I know how to act when the time is right. I like to celebrate different holidays. Balloons represent many things. I enjoy being creative and making kids happy. I think that a balloon best translates me. Balloons can be used for transportation. N You cannot see through me or in me. You can’t make predictions or assumptions about me if you never even met me. Don’t try to knock me down or break me apart because it won’t work. Have way too much confidence for that, and believe that I’ll go somewhere in life with it.
I am not like glass. Glass is as clear as a dirty mirror. What I mean by clear as a dirty mirror is you cannot see your reflection through a dirty mirror and you can’t see your reflection through glass. Glass is brittle, the imparted causes it to break, shatter or explode. No! Am not brittle. You can’t tear me apart that quickly. Glass is very fragile. I’m not. You do not only drink from a glass but you use it for many things. I am not used for many things I am used to be one person not 1 0,000 other people, but just one. I don’t have billions of different characters and personality.
If you’re that kind of person that tries too hard to be someone else and act like a brat than you already ruined your reputation. Think that a glass best represents me. CLC am like a bike. A bike rides on the street. When you are riding you are not looking back. Look up to the future I do not look at what and was and stays the past. I keep going and see how far I can go, and when reach my destination I will keep going till there no more room for more. A bike is like a moving machine. I am fun to play with. I also enjoy riding my bike, when my wheels are not flat. A bike sometimes falls and crashes in to places.

I sometimes can be clumsy, I may drop, spill, and break something, but never mean it. A bike just keeps moving and moving and moving till the driver puts it on break. Same with me I keep on going and going till put a break on it which is my death. When you’re riding your bike all you feel is the cool wind blowing you’re on your face and hair. When am on my bike feel like life is put on pause and am the only one moving. Life’s a journey so enjoy the ride. A bike can move as fast as a speeding truck, just depends who’s behind it. I believe that a bike best translates me.
Grades do not represent me. I may do horrible on one assignment but fairly well in another. Grades could mean anything, it could mean this person was tired, didn’t know, not fully taught, or was absent. Some teachers time you on the test or quiz and I don’t like to be rushed. Some people like me, may think that grades on assignment may make you or break you. That’s probably why I’m so worried about my grades. For example, the final exam is worth 15% of your grade so it could hold you for another year or bring you to 9th grade with a good report. Your Choices are crossroads.
You may think that grades determine if you’re smart or not so smart. Some students say I am soaring above the normal learning curve and, others may say I need more help. Some people get nervous when they get a test or quiz and fail. Other may say this is easy and pass with a 100. Grades are like jinx. By, jinx I mean if you did well on an assignment you’ll think that you’re so smart that you’re going to pass this other assignment without studying. All that I’m trying to say is that grades does not represent if I’m smart or not so smart. Others may disagree but this is just opinion Grades do not represent me.

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I Am I Am Not Poster
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