Hypermodernism in Alice In Wonderland

Director:Tim Burton
Writers:Linda Woolverton(screenplay),Lewis Carroll(books)
This presentation is presenting you the screenplay and referring with modernism, postmodernism and hyper modernism.

Alice, an unpretentious and individual 19-year-old, is betrothed to a dunce of an English nobleman. At her engagement party, she escapes the crowd to consider whether to go through with the marriage and falls down a hole in the garden after spotting an unusual rabbit.Arriving in a strange and surreal place called “Under land,” she finds herself in a world that resembles the nightmares she had as a child, filled with talking animals, villainous queens and knights, and furious Bandersnatch’s. Alice realizes that she is there for a reason to conquer the horrific Jabberwocky and restore the rightful queen to her throne.
The movie represents Victorian era. We can see women wearing those corsetsunder their dresses. In Victoria’s reign it was fashionable to wear acrinolineunder askirt. These hoops andpetticoatsmadeskirtsvery wide.Women used to wear silk knit stockings and shoes designed slippers with kitty heals.
The Victorian era in the history ofEnglish literature saw the rise of some of the best novelists of all times. There are certain novelists who need special mention.Lewis Carrolis one of the writers who became the face of this era.
His books had the humor as well as the character ofEnglish writing .One of his mostpopular books Alice’s Adventure in Wonderlandwas written during the Victorian era ofEnglish literature. This book was the most successful book thatLewisCarrollever wrote.•Victorian era Alice’sAdventures in Wonderlandtaught children how to imagine. The world that is present in this book is actually theminiaturemodel of the society of the Victorian period. Lots ofpeople thinkthat this book is meant only for the children.But this is not right. This book is equally meant for the adults with its sense of absurdity as well as the combination of language and logic. Victorian era Alice’sAdventures in Wonderlandhas so many things to offer. Alice is the only character in the novel that thinks and acts according to the rules of the Victorian period.
Feminism in Alice in wonderland during the Victorian era, women were expected to behave in a very prim and proper manner. Tim Burtons adaptation of Alice in wonderland is a tale of Alice’s return in wonderland, where she saves Wonderland and herself defying her role as a young woman during the Victorian era .Alice challenges the feminist theory by defying her social role as damsel in distress. Damsel in distress is a stereotype commonly used I literature to describe a young , innocent woman waiting to be save by her knight in shinning armour.In Alice in wonderland Alice does not need a hero , simply because she portrays the hero herself.
This is shown when Alice slays the jabberwocky, which saves Wonderland and helps her to discover her own destiny because she has now freed everyone in wonderland including her self. The hero is character with good noble qualities that saves someone which Alice did. The hero is usually a male role , therefore further challenging feminist theory if a female portrays the hero Alice continues to challenge this stereotype by being her won person.
Alice does what she wants , regardless of what society thinks is right. For example , Alice refuses to wear a corset and stockings to her engagement party; she refuses to what society calls proper after being questioned by her mother about her choice in outfit. Alice continues to challenge this stereotype by creating her own future instead of having everybody else create for her unconscious (explaining her entire dream), defeating the battle she has created in her mind with all of the characters she has met , which are reflection of conflict with her inner-self .
After the battle is over, Alice is able to follow her dreams and desires, without being saved by the hero. Alice tests and goes against feminists theory by challenging her role socially and stereotypically as a damsel in distress. She discovers her own identity and became a true heroine.
In this postmodern adaptation, a much older, fetching, independent nineteen-year-old Alice, who is troubled by nightmares of ‘Wonderland’ (or as Burton(director) calls it, Underland) returns and embarks on a quest filled with adventure, humor, violence, and even terror.
Alice soon grows distracted seeing a rabbit rushes after the strange creature.He first attracts Alice’s attention because he’s a contradiction –an animal, but wearing a waistcoat (a vest) and a pocket watch.The White Rabbit’s main characteristic is anxiety. He’s always worried about being late or about offending someone. This can be hyper modernistic as how can a rabbit wear waistcoat , have a pocket watch and have those human characteristics .
At 19, she is a proto-feminist who refuses to wear a corset and stockings (“Who’s to say what’s proper?”) to a splendid garden gala that, she discovers with a shudder, is her own engagement party. She is facing the public humiliation of being asked for her hand in marriage by a dim and chinless aristocrat. “You know what I’ve always dreaded?” her prospective mother-in-law asks her. “The decline of the aristocracy?” Alice’s replies. We ‘ r e only minutes into the film, and already the script has established that Alice is exactly how the girls and women in the audience see themselves: Post modern, free-thinking, populist.
Later on we see the Red Queen orders Alice to be found, and the Knave utilizes a bloodhound named Bayard to track her down, promising freedom for Bayard’s wife and pups (a lie, meant as a way to get the dog to help the Red Queen).We can take this act of Knave as post modernistic approach as we see people bribing other people by false promising to them and having favors from them and in return not fulfilling the promises.
Concluding on a hyper modernistic approach I think the struggling against the expectations of society, the uncertainty we have regarding our decisions as our lives are reshaped according to the wishes of others and are sometimes forced to marry a person we don’t want to the step Alice takes that she is no longer prepared to accept the life predetermined for her, but sets sail for China to expand her father’s trading company and find new adventures for herself is the example of nowadays girl’s journey they know how to stand for their rights and fight for themselves apart form societal pressure.
Secondly, nowadays there are no Jabberwocky type creatures but it establishes a clear struggle between good and evil that, while it helps the adults of today into the strong human, this seems disconnected from the nonsensical spirit of the novels. Highlighting the evilness in the underland is depriving the story of its original innocence, but in this contemporary time period no one fully acknowledges the pain and sufferings of others.

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