Humanities Short Essay(s)

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Humanities Short Essay(s)
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For this discussion, we will consider the controversy presented at


The controversy, as you’ll see, is whether the arts, including literature, can give us knowledge, or whether it is more likely to mislead us into thinking that we “know” something when in fact we only learn what the artist or writer presents–not the truth itself.  


The great Greek philosopher Plato thought we are misled by the arts. His student Aristotle disagreed.


After you read the material, take a moment to think about your own experience of the arts. Take an expansive view of the arts.  You’re probably familiar with some of the visual arts, like painting, drawing, photography and sculpture; architecture, and the performing arts, like music, theater, and film; and literature as well. 




In your experience, do any of these arts arouse certain “emotions or activities that are able to facilitate or produce knowledge” by tapping into something that cannot be expressed in words?  Do the arts help you see the world in a new way?  Or are they not useful in producing knowledge because they do not convey true beliefs, or support or justify your beliefs? 


Explain your thinking, using ideas from at least one of the thinkers mentioned in the article to back up your view. Cite the source.


In your answer, include an example from one of the arts to help support your position.  Have you gotten “true knowledge”—or not—from a work of literature, the ideas of a philosopher, a piece of art or architecture, or a film?  Describe a specific example so we can understand what it is and how it affected you. If possible, give a link so we can look at it, too. 


To answer this question, start a thread in this discussion and give it a unique title (for example, “Joe agrees with Aristotle”). 


Your main post should be at least 250 words.



Read and watch the learning resources for this week. Pay special attention to the essay by Paul Miller on his year without the internet, and take a look at the famous essay by Stephen Marche: Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?


For this discussion, explain how your life might be different without the technology you currently rely upon. Describe how technology has transformed our culture in the last ten years. What recent events or movements could not have happened without the internet?  What are some pros and cons of these changes?


Is there anything in this week’s learning resources that especially interested you–surprised you, seemed insightful, seemed wrong? 


Explain and elaborate your thinking. ( at least 200 words)







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