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Learn how to design a web page  
Learn the coding for making a web page 
Apply newly acquired knowledge to design web page as instructed. 
Apply javascript functions to newly made webpage to add in new functions such as buttons 

For  this lab I started by studying the code I would be using for the task  at hand. I learned that you start an html web page with this code here  “<!DOCTYPE html>”. This code tells you what type of document it  is. This and many other codes were used to formulate my finished  product. I also had to learn some javascript languages to be able to add  on 2 of the four plans to my first webpage and one of them to my second  webpage
             For this lab we were given the task of learning HTML and javascript  coding to make a web page that displays our name, our preferred name,  our home town, and we had to display our email but we had to make it  accessible so that it was a link that could be used to send and email,  and for the java script part I chose to present the current time by  clicking a button and I chose to have a prompt button that ask for your  name. We then had to make a picture that we got to choose appear on the  web page and put another link down below the picture taking you to our  next coding project. This coding project was named aboutme.html. as you  could guess it was used as a way to talk about myself for a minute. I  listed things about my self that I wanted you to know, and things that I  was asked to list. I was then asked to respond to questions and also  make them appear on the web page as well. This was honestly a very  enjoyable lab. I loved learning all of this coding. I look forward to  applying it to the second HTML lab.

Learn what the coding does. 
Code in header containing full name at center of page at the top. 
Create and unordered list (this means the list is ordered using bullet points).  
Fill in list with this information: Preferred name, Home town, my email address formatted so that you can send an email to me. 
Fill in javascript coding for both the button that display the time and the button that prompts you to give your name 
Display and image of myself 
Change the color of the back ground (I chose gray) 
Place a link sending you to another created web page talking about myself. 
For this web page I had to create a title and use my name for it. 
Then I had to display my name using another header tag at the center of the page at the top 
Create another header that says Major but this one isn’t centered 
Create and ordered numbered list, displaying my major, and then my planned year of graduation. 
Create another header called Computer Experience. 
Create a paragraph and talk about experience ive had working on computers for and not for money. 
Create another header called Calling 
Described what God is calling me to do after college 
Created one last header called Additional Facts 
Create and ordered list about facts that I chose to include. 

             Through hard work and determination I got these web pages to work  without any bugs. It was very simple and everything worked like a charm.   This is my first webpage.  This is my second Webpage.
             I think theres a lot to be learned form this lab because just with what  I have learned I already feel like with a little more studying I could  make some really neat web pages in the future if I ever needed to do so.  I do wish there was some way to find out if I did something wrong in  the coding though because there isn’t any interface telling you that you  cant do or aren’t supposed to do what you just did. It just displays  everything broken or it doesn’t display at all. That’s the only problem I  had with this lab, but this also made me a better trouble shooter when  it comes to HTML and javascript so I guess its and even trade off.
            In conclusion there is still a lot to be learned here. I didn’t even use an 8th  of all the possible codes that can be used in the future for HTML and  javascript. I learned how to display pictures and create links that send  you to another browser so that you can email me, and so that you can  learn about me through another web page. I had a lot of fun adding on to  this lab

Also have example of web page attached.


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