HSEM Final Paper- Case 5.2 The Impact of Cyber- Security on Critical Infrastructure Protection


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HSEM Final Paper- Case 5.2 The Impact of Cyber- Security on Critical Infrastructure Protection
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You are writing an essay explaining what happened, what went wrong, what should have been done to mitigate damage, and what policies have been implemented since to improve mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Don’t forget to discuss the politics of the case study, specifically how politics complicated the event. The paper must be 4-6 pages in length. The cover sheet and reference page will not count toward the page requirement. The paper will be double-spaced in12-point Times New Roman font with no larger than one-inch margins. The paper needs to involve Homeland Secuirty, Cyber-Security, and Advance Persistent Threat (APT). The paper must include in-text reference citations (with a reference list at the end) in APA Style. The paper should use at least three scholarly, government, or other credible sources. A successful paper will fully address the following sections:

Introduction: Introduce the topic and explain the purpose of the paper (Thesis). Formulation of a good thesis will be presented in the introduction.

Issue/Subject Identification: Identify the key issues or elements associated with the topic. This should be built upon the stated thesis and include historical information along with current trends or observations. This is the section to explain what went wrong, including political issues and failed policies. 

Analysis/Critical Thinking: This section should provide a reasoned critical thinking summary of the topic and issues related to the subject matter. In this section you should dig deeper into any underlying causes of the issues and try to identify any solutions to any issues that may have been identified. 

Conclusion: Provide your conclusion after evaluating the topic and issues related to it. In your conclusion, reflect back on your thesis and tie the elements of the paper together by building a strong conclusion of your findings. At this stage you may present recommendations for change based on your findings, if applicable 


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