HRMD651 week12 que T&D toll
Our final T&D tool is a fun way to end a training session and to encourage reflection on learning.  The activity is called Briefcase Stickers and it asks participants to identify something they learned in the training session that was meaningful to them.  I have attached instructions for conducting the activity as a face-to-face group activity.  For purposes of this class, however, I am adapting the instructions so you can complete the activity individually.  Please see the instructions below, then use the attached Briefcase Stickers Form to create your own Briefcase Sticker.  Feel free to change the colors, font style, font size, etc. However, don’t get stressed out by trying to come up with a clever saying.  Just create a phrase that expresses something you learned about T&D that was meaningful to you.  Post your Briefcase Sticker and a brief explanation.  Then discuss whether you think activities like this one are appropriate and fun or too frivolous for a training program.
Briefcase Stickers are similar to bumper stickers, such as Teachers Do It With Class.  Create a Briefcase Sticker that expresses something you have learned in HRMD 651, such as the importance of evaluation, your favorite theory about adult learning, or the role that training plays in supporting an organization’s strategy. Click in the text box to create your Briefcase Sticker. 
The example below is a twist on a classic line from the movie Cool Hand Luke and reflects a belief that evaluation is an important part of any training program.
Briefcase Stickers Example
Briefcase Stickers Form
Briefcase Stickers – Instructions for a F2F Class

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HRMD651 week12 que T&D toll
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