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What preventive steps can organizations take to guard against pay inequities?

reply to the students response below in a 150 words min and provide 1 reference 

students response

 Employers can make sure they do not have more men than women in a certain area.  Employers should look for direct evidence of bias in pay in regards to gender and various minority groups.  Employers should use a job evaluation system and survey to determine pay and try not to deviate from it.  Employers should self monitor what they are offering to different employees to determine whether or not there are pay inequities.  This can be difficult though especially when looking at fields where there are more men than women or more women than men.  When looking at the STEM professions we see more men in the field.  When looking at the social services field we see more women than men.  With this being said it is also important companies self monitor who opportunities are being given/offered to.  If there is a position open an both a woman and a man are being considered for it companies can protect themselves by showing exactly why one person was chosen over another.  Clearly stating on performance reviews how increases in pay will be given across the board and not individually would eliminate the concern of pay inequities as well.   


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