How to build a self-watering device for plants

After completing the Reading for this unit, think about how you might test the usability of your tutorial with your intended audience. Consider how the testing might differ between the text-based version of your tutorial and your digital media project that highlights one aspect of your tutorial. For this Discussion Assignment, describe the testing plan you would adopt and challenges you would face with the testing process. Include the following information in your response:

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How to build a self-watering device for plants
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  • Audience. Describe the individuals who would partake in the test. For example, would you find adults who fit your audience characteristics developed in Unit 3? Would you rely on adults who can imagine themselves in the place of your intended audience? Or, would you rely on feedback from experts on the topic who are not part of your tutorial’s intended audience? Explain your decision.
  • Method. Describe the potential environment and process for the testing. For example, would the testing take place in a regulated environment (e.g., lab) or real-world environment (e.g., user’s home)? Would the user just read your tutorial or try to implement the suggestions in your tutorial? Explain your decisions.
  • Challenges. Describe the challenges you might face during the usability testing and how you might overcome these challenges. For example, video recording the usability testing would allow for detailed evaluation of your tutorial’s use, but it may be costly or intimidate the user.


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