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To establish a foundation for good academic writing you must understand rhetorical context. In this first essay, demonstrate your understanding of what rhetoric is, how it is used in academic writing, and how you see it working in daily interactions, at home or at work. As this is your first essay in your Effective Academic Writing course, all grammar, spelling, and style should be carefully reviewed.
Review your Week 1 Learning Activities.
Write a 350- to 700-word essay on the importance of rhetoric in academic writing that responds to the following:

What is rhetoric?
What are the factors that define rhetorical context?
How can you use rhetorical context to read critically? Discuss one example of academic writing in which you analyze and identify components of the rhetorical context. Choose one of the essays in An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing, Part Three: Entering Academic Conversations.
How do you read visuals rhetorically? Discuss one example that demonstrates an understanding of rhetorical context.

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Review your essay for effective use of basic English grammar, word usage, and sentence style before turning in your paper. Refer to the resources in the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance.
Format your essay consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


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