Honors Program

Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, once said, “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. ” Being a part of the Honors Program will allow me to go above and beyond what I think I can accomplish and achieve. I take great interest in this Program and I believe that I can contribute many outstanding qualities that I possess as well as receive a lot from it. The Honors Program grabbed my attention because it’s for academically outstanding students and I am that student.
Throughout my years of high school, I have taken Advanced Placement and Honors classes and have done very well in them. Being average is not okay for me, I want to do my best and reach my fullest potential in everything I do. I like being challenged mentally and that is exactly what the Honors Program will do for me. In the Honors Program I will be able to engage in social and cultural seminars that I know I will thoroughly enjoy. I have been a part of Diversity Club where different cultures come together to share ideas, exchange food, and get to know more about each others’ culture, so I have an idea of what seminars are like.
I am a very outgoing person and I love to meet and interact with new people so through these seminars and projects I will be able to do that. I would also like to get a broader perspective on the world and throughout the many different projects, I will gain that. I read about the Honors Program and what will be done throughout the four years and I thought to myself that this is where I belong, I will fit right in. I want to accomplish many things that this program will allow me to and greatness is what I would like to aim for.

The Honors Program at John Carroll University brings together one of the most gifted, diverse, and active groups of people not only on campus, but in the country and I would like to be a part of that, something great. I am totally honored to be a part of this institution. If lucky enough to be appointed to the Honors Program, I will be able to bring my diverse background, my various leadership qualities, my love for extracurricular activities, and an overall point of view that will be able to express the opinions of many people.
In high school, I have stayed involved in activities because I believe everything that you do is a learning experience and you can grow as a person from it. As a member of the varsity volleyball team, I learned how essential it is to be a team player. Working hard together, staying motivated, never giving up, and having a positive attitude really do bring about success. Being a part of Link Crew, where I helped the upcoming freshman’s transition from middle school to high school more enjoyable, made me learn a lot about being a leader.
I take pride in having underclassmen look up to me because I set a good example in and outside of the classroom. I am also a member of Relay for Life. I am a firm believer in standing up for what I believe in and taking action on something that I think is important. Each year my team donates a lot of money to support cancer patients. These skills that I have developed from some of the extra-curricular activities that I am involved in, I will bring into the Honors Program. For the most part, I realized that students that are highly motivated academically are always interested in exploring new things.
I am anxious to learn more about everything, especially about myself and finding even more activities that I may take interest in. The main goal that I wish to accomplish from the Honors Program is growth. I think that life is about achievement but it is also about learning and growth and developing qualities such as compassion, patience, perseverance, love and joy and so forth. So from the Honors Program I would like to stretch myself and achieve much more than I think I can because nothing is impossible and there is always room for improvement in every aspect of life.
Any organization or event that I commit myself to, I obligate myself to perform the tasks at hand at the fullest of my abilities and do not believe in doing anything half-heartedly. I consider myself a “leader” and enjoy taking responsibilities, making decisions, and being held accountable for my actions. Furthermore, if appointed to the Honors Program, I will make it one of my top priorities and be able to dedicate lots of hours to its causes and goals.

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Honors Program
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