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Unit III Research Article Analysis    (Total of 3 pages not including cover and reference page)




For this assignment, review at least five articles according to the following instructions: 




• Using the criteria for “Judging a Research Study” evaluate at least five or more research articles. • Answer Questions 1 and 2 for all five articles. • Answer two questions from each of the remaining sections of the criteria questions for all five sources (14 questions for a total of 16 questions per source). • Include an APA references list for all five (or more) sources. 




Responses to all questions should be given using complete sentences. 




(For the Unit IV Assignment you will be asked to put the information from the articles you evaluated in this assignment into a literature review.) 




Judging a research study




Review at least five articles according to the following instructions:




• Using the criteria for “Judging a Research Study”, evaluate at least five or more research articles.
• Answer the below questions
• Include an APA references list for all five (or more) sources.




Responses to all questions should be given using complete sentences.




Review of Previous Research
1. How closely is the literature reviewed in the study related to previous literature?
2. Is the review recent?




Problem and Purpose
3. Can you understand the statement of the problem?
4. Is the purpose clearly stated?




5. Are the research hypotheses clearly stated?
6. Are the hypotheses testable?




7. Are the independent and dependent variables clearly defined?
8. Is it clear how the study was conducted?




9. Was the sample selected in such a way that you think it is representative of the population?
10. Is it clear where the sample came from and how it was selected?




Results and Discussion
11. Does the author relate the results to the review of the literature?
12. Are the results related to the hypotheses?








Unit IV Literature Review  (Total of 3 pages not including cover and reference page)




For the Unit IV assignment, students are to complete the literature review for the Research Proposal. A minimum of five relevant references are to be analyzed for the Literature Review. The references used are to be cited in the Literature Review of the Research Proposal. They are also to be included in the references page and in APA format. 




Review of the Relevant Literature/Related Research/Literature Review: Provide a minimum of five research studies that address the same topic chosen for the proposal. 




 What are the similar areas of study or studies that lead up to the current research? Identify the importance of the questions being asked.  Report on the current status of the topic.  Analyze the relationship between the literature reviewed and the problem statement. 




Include a summary, along with a restatement of the relationships between the variables under consideration and how these relationships are important to the proposed hypothesis. (Estimated length – two to three pages)








Unit V Assignment  (Total of 6 pages not including cover and reference page)




For the Unit V Assignment, students are to complete the following areas of the Methods section for the Research Proposal: 




1. Method, Participants, Research Design, Instrumentation, and Data Collection Plans. (Estimated length – two pages)  




 Method/Research Procedure/Methodology: Determine the method of research for the proposal. Examples could be: qualitative, quantitative, and case study. 




NOTE: Be sure that you write in future tense for the proposal. (Estimated length – two paragraphs) 




 Participants: Provide specific identification for the proposed participants for the study. Include a description, the possible number within the population, the proposed location, and the selection procedure. Be specific when identifying the selection process. Then identify how a representative sample will be drawn from the population. (Estimated length – half a page) 




 Research Design: Determine how to conduct the data collection and the proposed analysis. See page 15 of your textbook. (Estimated length – half a page) 




 Instrumentation and Data Collection Plans: State the sources and/or instrument(s) proposed to be used to record the data (surveys, interview protocols). Identify the procedure. For a mailed survey, identify steps to be taken in administering and following up the survey to obtain a high response rate. Determine how to specifically conduct the research based on the proposed sample. See page 149 of the textbook. (Estimated length – half a page) 




2. Proposed Analysis of the Data. (Estimated length – one to two pages) 




Identify what results are expected from the sample. Identify how the categories of responses will be determined and analyzed. Address specifically what the proposed results could infer back to the population. Answer the following questions: 




 What variables will be included in the analyses?  Identify the dependent and independent variables if such a relationship exists.  What is the decision making criteria (e.g., the critical alpha level)?  Will computer software be used in the analysis? If so, identify what will be used.  Explain how to assess the validity of the measurement.  Explain how to measure the reliability of the variables.








Unit VI Implications and Limitations  (Total of 1 page not including cover and reference page)




Identify and label a minimum of two (2) implications and a minimum of two (2) limitations for the proposed study. At a minimum, answer the following questions: 




  1.  What implications and limitations are being made regarding the proposed sample and how it represents the proposed population? 2. What implications are you making regarding the instrument’s validity and its ability to measure the desired variables? 3. What implications are being made in having respondents truthfully answer a survey, questionnaire, or interview questions? 4. Identify the limitations of the research proposal, such as the limited population for the study. 




(Estimated length – one page)




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