Homelessness and Print Ad

Cassandra Allen June 26, 2012 English 1101 Ms. Kristen Miller Homelessness Do you think you can make it? Sometimes, I wonder how others can. Others, could what you may ask? Live on the street be homeless. Homelessness my affect the person sitting next to you, your best friend, or even your close family members. Just because they look like they are not homeless does not mean they aren’t. When you watch a commercial or even view a picture in the newspaper about homeless people, what do you ask yourself first? Which one do you think captures your attention more to make you feel like you need to help make a change?
In this essay I will compare two mediums a video and print ad which deals with homelessness and show you how emotional appeal ties both mediums together. I also, will show you how I think more emotional appeal is shown in the video than in the print ad. Emotional appeal is showed in homelessness whether it is when you are saddened by looking at a homeless person on the street or even hearing them begging for something. When you take a look at the print ad, you have to think a picture is worth a thousand words and what does this mean.
The print ad states the following: “When you give to the United Way, you’re helping homeless people overcome the obstacles in their lives by providing things like shelter, hot meals, and training programs. With United Way funded agencies helping so many in our community, make a difference is easier than you think. ” The statement you have just read is posted on the print ad and it is trying to promote awareness about homelessness. The print ad does a great job of showing emotion. In the picture on the print ad, you can see a person’s hand is trying to shield a homeless man from lying on the street in the rain.

This picture explains a story that helping hands can be used to help shelter people around us in need. If we join hand in hand that we can make a difference in a homeless person’s life. In the Aloha United Way 2008 homelessness commercial, it shows you how normal everyday people become homeless not just because they wanted to but because they were force to. The couple in this video was able to join a shelter. Living in this shelter helped the couple acquire jobs to help themselves. This shelter was funded by the United Way.
By helping fund organizations like this, you can help like I did and take part in “rewriting the stories of over 2,400 homeless people. ” So, by viewing this video it shows you that you may not be homeless but it can happen to you also as well as me. This commercial makes homelessness turn into reality and shows you how it can really be. Just like the print ad both are funded by the United Way organization. Some people may feel like the print ad and the video ad affect them in the same way. In my opinion I think the video should impact your emotions more. By watching this, you will see and hear someone’s testimony.
So the video has more visualization and also has audio while the print ad just has the one picture. I feel like the print ad leaves you asking questions. Both the video and print ads are helpful in ways that they help get the message across about homelessness and promote awareness. In this essay I have talked with you about a print and video ad that both target homelessness. I have explained to you that the video ad is more appealing to me. In the sense that the print ad you have visualization but no audio as the video have both which the audio is a testimony.
So, think about what I have explain to you today and ask yourself which one would you use to get more funding for the United Way organization. Bibliography AUW808. “Aloha United Way – 2008 Homelessness Commercial. ” YouTube. YouTube, 16 June 2008. Web. 26 June 2012. <http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=ij8yZkIZIno>. Way, United. Without You. There Would Be No Way. Digital image. Coloribus. com. United Way, 17 Apr. 2008. Web. 26 June 2012. <http://files. coloribus. com/files/adsarchive/part_579/5798305/file/united-way-homeless-small-76731. jpg>.

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Homelessness and Print Ad
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