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Question1:(10) OSI 7 layer Model.
a) What are benefits of using a layered network model? 
b) Encryption takes place at which layer?
c) Flow control takes place at which layer?
d) Packets are found at which layer?
e) Packet filtering occurs at what layer(s)?
2. Computer Basics (15)
a) What network topology is most commonly seen only in wireless networks?
A. Star
B. Bus
C. Ring
D. Mesh
b) Of the topologies listed, which one is the most fault tolerant
A. Point to Point
B. Mesh
C. Ring
D. Star
c) What device directs packets based on MAC addresses?
A. Router
B. Hub
C. Bridge
D. Switch
Question 3: (15) NIC
(a)True or False. Can two NIC devices share the same MAC address?
(b)True or False. All NICs on rhe same network must use the same frame type?
(c) Describe how a NIC device is used?
Question 4 (15) Telecommunication Systems 
What is VOIP? What are the essential components of the telecommunications systems using VOIP? What are the advantages?
What is the bandwidth minimum that most experts recommend for good VoIP call signal quality?
What kind of circuitry is used in VoIP to convert analog voice to digital signals for transmission, and digital signals to analog voice for playback?
What network characteristics is most commonly associated with an echo on a VoIP connection?
Migrating from PSTN to VoIP requires careful planning and cross-checking to ensure the transition proceeds smoothly with minimal or no downtime. What are the major migration steps?
Question 5 Protocols (15)
A) Describe the handshake process of TCP.
B) Describe the purpose of ICMP and how it is used.
C) How is the router ID chosen in OSPF?
Question 6 Cloud Computing (10)
What are the five essential characteristics of cloud services?
Describe the Cloud Provide’s five major areas of activities?
Question 7 5G Networks (10pt)
Enhanced internet quality and the rise of 5G
Just as the amount of data generated and stored around the world is poised to grow tremendously in 2018, consumers will also expect better and faster connections from network providers. Qualcomm Snapdragon has been spearheading the move to faster network speeds, and 2018 should see an increase in the number of groups working on these improvements. As this work gains momentum, we anticipate strong movement from gigabyte LTE speeds to full 5G networks, helping us reach 5G capabilities in record time.
Enhanced network quality will increase consumer expectations for highly-responsive, fast-loading services and apps. Savvy business owners will move quickly to reevaluate and upgrade their SaaS, PaaS, and website platforms to be more responsive. The IoT and IoE industries will also benefit from faster network speeds by allowing organizations in this space to receive and deliver data more efficiently in real time.
Please research and describe the 5G capability.
Question 8 Big Data (10)
What are few approaches to analyze the big data? 
What type of database technology do you recommend for big data?

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