Hold the Future in Your Hand

“Hold the Future in your Hand” In 1962, Sony put an ad out to introduce one of the first micro televisions (TV). This tiny box was a milestone in television viewing at that point in time. Who could believe that in is era that Sony would create a television that could actually be held in the palm of the hand? At only 8lbs. it is not much larger than your telephone. Think of it, it’s the early 60’s and a typical household only had one television, then suddenly an advertisement comes out describing a television that can be held in your hand.
Imagine it, a rechargeable TV, one that could be used by normal battery, auto battery or by plugging it into the wall. Now all of a sudden this was not only a small TV to fit in a person’s hand, but one that could be brought anywhere. No longer was a family tied to watching TV just at home, now television was able to be watched anywhere. The 1962 ad “Hold the Future in your Hands, by Sony” is an effective advertisement that in it’s time was cutting edge technology; Sony shows appeal to men and women, versatility as well ad keeping up with a demanding future.
To begin with, Sony’s attempt in bringing portable televisions to the horizon was very effective in the way they advertised. They created a television that was not only designed to appeal to both sexes but to show their leap in technology as well. Sony did not just put out a hand held television they also made one that you could use without having to watch television in the home, but rather one that you could watch on the road or outside.

Secondly, over the past 66 years, Sony has continually shown us that they are always on the cutting edge of something big. Even back in the 1960’s when they were well ahead of their competitors; Sony produced a product that was not only new and inventive but versatile as well. Sony jumped ahead in the competition by creating a television that was not only useful at home but on the go as well. At that point in time they were the first on the market to design a television with portability.
When Sony created this ad showing a woman holding the television in her hand Sony created an appeal to both sexes with this Micro TV, which made it an easier sell. In the 1960’s men were the primary television watchers when they got home from work, but by Sony using the type of ad they did they were able to appeal to the women. Although, this is not as characteristic today as it was in 1960, back then more woman were stay at home wives and mothers and their job was to ensure that dinner and housework was completed.
Having this Micro TV that did not have to be plugged in was a blessing for women to be able to watch television wherever they were in the home. Finally, over the years Sony has continually surprised me with their ability to create electronics that make our life easier, as well as give us items to make our life more enjoyable. I would fully recommend Sony to anyone who was in the market for cutting edge electronics. References Yue, Michelle (2012, November). Retro Ad of the Week Retrieved from: http://mascola. com/insights/? p=5460

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Hold the Future in Your Hand
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