HLS470 GP5

• Address the following in 1,500 words:  o What are 5–10 of the most significant CIKR assets that exist within your metropolitan area? Explain in detail.  o Select 2 CIKR assets from your list above, and conduct a risk analysis on each using the National Planning Scenarios.  o What are the most important resources that the metropolitan area has available for the protection of its CIKR? Explain in detail.  o For each of the selected CIKR, provide a detailed recommendation of how you would use the available resources to protect these CIKR.   This should be the majority of your submission.  o What challenges exist for the metropolitan area regarding CIP? Explain your response.  o How will these challenges be overcome? Explain in detail.  o Provide recommendations and justification of those recommendations to the director.  Include all of the CIKR sectors (16 total). This is a formal information and decision support paper that you are developing for the director of Homeland Security of your chosen municipal community. The director’s intent is to share this risk analysis and resource allocation paper with the major department heads of the city, the city manager or administrator, the mayor, and the city council. The director’s goal is to enhance awareness of CIKR protection and resiliency issues and to improve overall CIKR security, planning, mitigation, response, recovery, and resiliency. The director also plans to use this assessment as a means and justification for additional funding of CIKR projects.  Use the following sectors: • Transportation Systems Sector  o Rail and passenger  o Ferry and other port transportation modes  o Airports and airplanes  o Bridges  o Tunnels and vehicular (passenger)  • Government Facilities Sector  o Federal government facilities  o Commercial office buildings housing federal government offices  o Educational institutions  • Commercial Facilities Sector  o Shopping malls  o Sports complexes and exhibition halls  o Large, public gathering places  o Jewish facilities (community centers, schools, synagogues, etc.)  • Energy Sector  o Electrical power generation facilities  o Petroleum production facilities  o Natural gas production facilities  • Chemical Sector  o Basic chemicals  o Specialty chemicals (any of the 322 chemicals covered in the Chemical Facilities Antiterrorism Standards)  o Agricultural chemicals  o Pharmaceuticals  o Consumer products

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