History Tonya

Harriet Tubman is the most iconic African American women in history.  Known as the “Moses of her people”,because she lead so many slaves to  freedom risking her own life. She is no doubt an exceptional and  important leader in history. She was the conductor of the underground  railroad. Harriet was apart of the Union Army where she served as a  spy,soldier,and nurse during the Civil War. She is recognized as the  first african american woman to serve in the military. (Michals  2015,para 1). In 1863,she led a raid with the union army which freed  close to 750 slaves.
Harriet made every sacrifice with no regard for her own  life. The National Association for Colored Women also gave her a voice  where she spoke about all the injustices of slavery. The NACW wanted to  join other women of color clubs after Plessy VS Ferguson Supreme Court  ruling. Which legalized racial segregation. Harriet Tubman was seen as a  leader by not only women but men too looked up to her for hope. More  black feminist became leaders because of her.(Hobson 2014,para 6.).Our  44th President Barack Obama,called Harriet an american hero for her  heroism. In 2015, it was announced that Harriet Tubman would replace for  slave owner and ex President Andrew Jackson on a twenty dollar bill.
In conclusion, you can visit any museum and learn about  Harriet this present day. The Women’s Quartermaster Museum has her on  display there as well. In 1897, Congress passed a legislation granting  her twenty dollars a month. She then in turn used that money to create  the Harriet Tubman Home for Indigent Aged Negroes. On March  10,1913,Harriet passed away at the age of ninety three years old. Her  body is laid to rest with military honors in the state of Ohio

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History Tonya
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