History Forum Question

 Choose one of the questions below to answer. You are to create a New Subject with the question as your topic. 
Word Minimum for initial response — 250-300 words. Formatted correctly
Some of these questions are very controversial, please be mindful of your responses.
1.   Appeasement was a policy used against Hitler. Explain the term.
      Discuss why England and France chose this route.
      Discuss what the possible outcome if Hitler was challenged.
      Finally, are there examples of appeasement today?
2.     Discuss the impact the Great Depression had on the world.
3.     What is Fascism? What is its role if any in interwar Europe? Does Fascism exist today?
4.      Discuss the difference between Fascism and Nazism.
       What was the impact in the nations that implemented these ideologies? How did they effect
        the world?
5.     If you had to choose one reason for World War I, what was it? Explain
6.     Explain the reason for the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the impact it had on the Mid  

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History Forum Question
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