History – Autobiographical paper

Hi, my professor needs me to write an autobiographical paper
1200 words

Write about:
My family history – I’m an international student from Hong Kong
i have been told by my grandfather that he was actually from China, and he escaped to Hong Kong in around 1950s because he was seeking a better live.
He crossed the Shenzhen border by swimming, after that he married with my grandmother who is originally from Hong Kong.
He also told me that some people dead because of the escape.
The reason why the escape was common because 

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History – Autobiographical paper
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“When the Hong Kong identity card was first introduced in 1949, it was made of stiff paper with no validity specified,” said Deputy Director of Immigration (Smart Identity Card) Eric Wong.

Also write about the political problem about my country (Hong Kong & China & British)
-the handover of Hong Kong
-the Hong Kong basic law (the reinterpretations)


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