History 2322 disucssion 4/ work is due in 2hours

NOTE: There is generally no grace period for discussion board. Discussion board is our learning forum for each of the learning modules. We learn from each other. You cannot afford to get behind in readings and discussion, because before you know it, we would have already moved on to new learning module topics.   Reminder: refer to all Discussion Board Guidelines, and REFER TO YOUR SOURCES WHEN MAKING CLAIMS! THIS IS KEY!  Chicago Manual Citations Provided here.
Go through Week 4 lessons before proceeding
Initial Post

After reading Reilly textbook Chapter 19 on The Scientific Revolution, write a 2-paragraph (minimum) analytic summary on the secondary essay, “Why Europe?” by Jack Goldstone (pp. 678-688).  Write your summary based on responses to the Critical Thinking questions in the chart below
1. The main purpose of this article is ____________________________.  (Why might the article have been written?)  
2. The key question that the author is addressing is ____________________.  
3. The most important evidence in this article is ______________________.  (include at least five pieces of evidence used by the author to support his/her conclusions/thesis/argument).
4. The main conclusions (thesis statement) in this article are _________________________. 
5. The main assumptions underlying author’s thinking is/are _______________________.  
6. What are the consequences of this author’s line of reasoning?
7. The main point(s) of view presented in this article is/are _______________. 

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History 2322 disucssion 4/ work is due in 2hours
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