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Higher education assignment | Education homework help
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Assignment: Blogging Around the World

This week, you have heard and read about issues affecting higher education in the United States. One of the speakers alluded to the similarity of concerns in other countries. As a participant in an online degree program, it is likely that you and your classmates come from all corners of the globe, and as a higher education professional, you also will be working with multinational students and colleagues. We all live, work, and study in a world without borders making it critical for us to understand universal issues and concerns.

This week, complete the following tasks:

· Identify a topic of interest. (increased tuition cost preferably or any topic of your choice)

· Subscribe to or follow a blog of an online community of international higher education professionals (community of practice). If you are already a member of a global higher education community or professional association (e.g., NASPA, ACUI, EduCause), you may subscribe to their discussion. If not, visit Inside Higher Ed’s blog on global higher education (http://globalhighered.wordpress.com/).

Throughout this course:

· Submit one question or comment per week to the blog (8 weeks = 8 questions/comments).

· Record the most interesting or important thing that you learn each week.

· Prepare a short (2-page) summary to be submitted in Week 8.


no website/blog is preferred just 8 total questions/comments from one higher education blog (please reference the blog website) that a 2 page paper can be completed.


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