High School Reflective Essay

First Time Stepping out under the bright lights, Crowd roaring with cheer and shouting our names. The feel of adrenaline going through my body is almost ecstasy like. Knowing that this doesn’t represent you, it’s for your school and even more your community. This is the kind of things that were going through my mind when I first stepped out onto the field as a Varsity Football Player. All the years of playing the game since I was a little kid had paid off, and now it would be time for the big show and the highlights of my career.
All the hills and the Two-Twenty’s we put in day in and day out, end up being worth it. The summer days spent in the blazing sun and not at the beach take a lot out of me but the cravings for big games drive you through it. Even though we condition for almost five months in the end the two month season is all we live for. Football begins to be all you can think about, whether it is training hard at the gym or just eating better at home it drives you to be a better person.
It pushes you to do things that will improve your skills and talent, usually things you wouldn’t normally do. This is why I love the game; it’s become a part of me. The lessons of hard-work, dedication and brotherhood have been drilled into me for years already. These things are going to forever be with me, as well as the people that I got to play alongside with. Our coaches sometimes sit us down and talk to us about life and how football will teach us things, we might sit there and just nod our heads. But we all do know that it really does.

They tell us that when we walk around we don’t represent just us, not just our households anymore. But that we are our school, our community and that we have to be exemplary people and lead in a positive way. These are things that I’ll never forget due to the vast amount of times I’ve heard these speeches before, but also because I believe them. The rush that I feel when I get onto that field is like nothing else; when you hear the crowd go wild after you make a big play is just a feeling that you can ever get enough of.
It’s like an addiction to be the best and do great. Football has become more than just a sport to me but somewhat of a lifestyle. On and off the field everybody knows who you are because you play. But it affects me outside of school too, I’ve meet some of my best friends through football. When you hear people asking “Is that so and so from the Mililani Football team? ” You get a feeling like no other. These are just some of the things football has taught me, done for me and gotten for me.

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High School Reflective Essay
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