help with history discussion questions

Need help with the below history discussion questions by tomorrow evening or sooner. These should be in your own words and you can cite if you use a reference and provide reference or link at the bottom. They only have to be 1 or 2 paragraphs, preferably 2, or whatever is needed to fully explain the answer. 

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help with history discussion questions
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Why did the Nazis view the Jews as a threat to European (or at least German) civilization?


Could Hitler have defeated Britain in 1940?  How?


How did the United States become involved in the Pacific and how did it come to view Japan as the major threat to its possessions and the most probable opponent in any future Pacific war?


How did the U.S. Navy plan to meet the Japanese challenge?


Why did the U.S. oppose Japanese expansion and what steps did it take to prevent it?





Have we seen the emergence of a post-cold-war “world order”?  Is it more stable? less stable? moving toward democracy? or toward a condition of growing conflict and disorder? Is the “war on terror” in effect a new cold war?  Your views.


Did the “west” win the Cold War? If so, why (or how)?


Did the Cold War actually end in the 1970s?  Why or why not?



Trace the evolution of the Cold War in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Why was competition between the two great powers so intense?

 How did the Marshall plan (and other postwar initiatives) help to stabilize Western Europe?


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