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Help with Ch. 5 – Summary.  Write a 10 page overview of study results (ONLY  use information in attachment) . Provide recommendations, and a conclusion.  Use information in the attached Ch. Four. Do not use another study as source material.  

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This chapter is the discussion of your findings (data gathered and analyzed in attached Ch. 4).  Draw conclusions about what happened in the study results and why you obtained those results of the study.  Also discuss the importance of the study to people, organizations or groups affected by the results. Include recommendations for future studies as well.  (Use APA format),

Use Rubric as a guide. 

Quality of Content (80 Points)

___/20:  Thoroughly evaluates data collected related to problem/research question.

___/20:  Demonstrates reflectivity in analysis of problem, treatment/implementation, data, and outcome of study.

___/20:  Provides relevant recommendations for use of study information and/or future research based on results.

___/20:  Demonstrates critical and creative thinking in concluding the action research report.

Quality of Writing (20 Points)

___/5:  Format – Text meets APA/MSE standards.

___/5:  Organization – Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking.  (Paper contains cover page, introduction, conclusion, headings, and effective transitions).

___/5:  Precision – Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely.

___/5:  Mechanics – Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly.


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