healthcare administration assignment

Performance Evaluation & Policy

You are a newly hired supervisor over a small unit (10 employees) within the Physician and Surgeon’s Hospital in Monroe. The unit you are over deals with Medical Coding and Billing, Admissions and Patient Education. Your supervisor tells you that the 10 employees that you will be supervising have not received appropriate performance evaluations for the past two years and that what feedback they have received from their previous supervisor has been haphazard.

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healthcare administration assignment
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Your assignment is to design a new performance evaluation AND procedures for how you will conduct employee evaluations in your department. You want to be sure that your supervisor is impressed as well as your employees will be satisfied with this new tool & procedure. Pick ONE area (coding, billing or patient education) for your evaluation tool.

• Cover Page required
• Running Head required
• Develop a 1-2 page policy & procedure for employee evaluations in your department.
• Design a 1-2 page performance evaluation for your employees.
• Reference page with 3-4 references including your text.
• Include a short job description of the job position at top of evaluation.
• Briefly define your rating system – for example, if you use “meets expectations” what does that mean. In other words, the reader and employee should understand what each rating means.
• The performance evaluation must relate to the medical coding and billing position or Admissions or Patient Education.
• Use your textbook and any other resources to assist you in this assignment.
• There are many websites that offer examples of performance evaluations – however, do not copy word for word!

Consider: Your document should be easy to follow, logical, appropriate content, appearance/design (format is attractive & professional- consider subtle borders, shading, pictures), grading scale comprehensive yet simple, easy to understand.

Assignment: Design Performance Evaluation & Procedures

Points = 30

Due Date= March 8, 2018 by 11 pm

Grading Criteria:

Content/depth/appropriateness = 15
• policy & procedure logical/easy to follow
• performance evaluation applies to the position
• depth of criteria sufficient – evaluation thorough
Grammar/Mechanics/Wording = 5

Scale used appropriate (but should be comprehensive) = 5
• scales defined and sufficient depth
Appearance/format (consider shading/borders/subtle coloring) = 5
• very professional, subtle shading/color used; you want your supervised to be impressed!


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