Health Education Patient Counselor

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please read the attached article Kessler and Alverson (2013) “Influence of Lifestyle, Health Behavior, and Health Indices on the Health Status of Underserved Adults.”

For this assignment, you will assume the role of a health educator professional. In this role, you will create a client record for a fictitious person with one of these major health issues: alcohol dependency, diabetes, obesity, tobacco use, stress, or a chronic disease. Include the required elements in your client record. 

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Health Education Patient Counselor
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-Name, Photo, and Demographic Information: Include your client’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, marital status, occupation, sexual orientation, language, religious orientations, and location of residence (country, state, and region).

-Symptoms and Diagnosis: List the client’s medical diagnosis, major health risks, and any cognitive, behavioral, or physiological symptoms. List the client’s presenting problem (e.g., lack of physical activity, poor diet, negative coping skills), and any cognitive, behavioral, or physiological symptoms.

-Psychosocial Factors: Describe the client’s personal and cultural background including family history, mental health disorders, substance-related issues, previous treatments and belief systems related to culture. Assess how these factors have influenced the client’s health and wellness.

-Special Considerations: List any physical, social and/or economic barriers that the client may have. This may include allergies, dietary needs, or restrictions.

-Assessment: Describe the client’s current knowledge about his/her condition and level of conviction and confidence towards changing the targeted behaviors.

-Create a brief transcript of your first session with the fictitious client you created. In your transcript, demonstrate how you would utilize reflection, paraphrasing, silence, and minimal encouragers to build rapport with the client. Be sure to notate who is speaking in bold font similar to the following example:
COUNSELOR: Hi, I’m Susan. I’m your counselor.
CLIENT: Hello, I’m Bill. It certainly is snowing hard out there.
COUNSELOR: Yes, it is. Did you have any trouble getting here?
CLIENT: Doc, why aren’t you asking me more questions about my mental illness?
COUNSELOR: John, I see counseling being most helpful when you’re talking with me about your feelings. That’s the best way for both of us to learn about what’s going on with you.”
CLIENT: I’m at the end of my rope. I’m so frustrated”

-Once you have created your transcript, reflect on what it was like to apply basic counseling skills. Explain why it is important to pace and lead the client, address assumptions, and plan for termination in the initial session. Support your response with information from the Dollarhide, Shavers, Baker, Dagg, and Taylor (2012) which is attached.

-Next, identify at least one Health Behavior Measurement from Chapter 24 in Hilliard, Riekert, Ockene, and Pbert (2018) that you would use to gather information about the client’s overall health and wellness 

-Describe the format and state whether the assessment would result in the client becoming defensive or facilitate self-exploration. 

-Finally, evaluate the appropriateness of the assessment from a cultural perspective, and explain how you would share the results with the client.


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