Health Behavior SLP2

By now, you have identified and done some literature search on  your Module 1 Session Long Project (SLP) topic/health behavior and  target population. In short, you have assessed the need for a program or  intervention to address the health behavior you previously identified.

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Health Behavior SLP2
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For Module 2 SLP, you will again conduct a literature search  utilizing peer-reviewed journal articles, books, professional  organization articles, etc., to help you identify evidence-based  strategies to best address the health behavior in your target population  and create a program/intervention plan.

Write a paper (3 pages in length) summarizing your findings on  evidence-based strategies and a workplan to address the health behavior.  A workplan sample can be found at

The following items will be assessed in particular:

  1. Using the same topic you have chosen from Module 1 SLP, develop a  program goal and at least two objectives (1 learning objective and 1  behavioral objective) for your target population. Your objectives must  be specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and time-phased  (SMART). Make sure that you have read the required readings on SMART  objectives before developing your goal and objectives.
  2. Based on your literature search, provide a summary of evidence-based  strategies that have been shown effective in promoting or reducing the  behavior in your target population.
  3. Identify two evidence-based strategies that you will use to  implement your program or intervention. Provide an explanation why you  have chosen these strategies and defend your choices.
  4. For now, include a workplan table with your goals, objectives, and  activities/strategies. NOTE: Other parts of the workplan such as the  data measurement tools, timeframe, responsible person, and measures of  success will be completed in the next module SLP.


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