Hazard Event Planning and Response Technologies

In 5–6 paragraphs, address the following:

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Hazard Event Planning and Response Technologies
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  1. Identify and discuss at least 2–3 ways that communications technology can improve relationship building and partnerships.
    • Next, provide and discuss examples of at least 2 ways reliance on technology or the technology itself might be a barrier to human interaction.
    • Lastly, discuss how and why strong partnerships and interpersonal coordination rely upon dependable C4I capabilities and in turn, how capable C4I reinforces these relationships.
  2. Consider the role of an emergency manager for a small local community (e.g. city, village, or town). The county and state that your community exists within each have state-of-the-art command centers; your community uses your best fire station as a command center when necessary.
    • Discuss the ways you can leverage the advanced technological capabilities of the county, state, or neighboring communities for managing your emergency management and operations.
    • Also, discuss how your community can maintain sufficient communications with these centers during a crisis.
  3. Identify and discuss a type of technology that might aid command and control, but might not seem typical of traditional communications technology. Explain your selection.


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