HA540 Unit 10 Discussion

How do you plan on applying what you have learned from this class (HEALTH CARE OPERATIONS AND QUALITY ASSESSMENT) into your career as Healthcare Administrator?

Be sure to engage in conversation with others by asking questions, sharing personal experiences, or offering suggestions for future opportunities. Discussion should be maintained in a professional manner using appropriate communication skills.

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HA540 Unit 10 Discussion
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In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Morenike Adeoye and Breanne Munday 

Breanne Munday 
I really enjoyed this course and being able to research how different healthcare facilities operate. I’m sure majority of us already work in healthcare on some level and have experience with hospitals/nursing facilities. Since I work at a skilled nursing facility, I enjoyed being able to utilize the Medicare website to research my own job and a facility close to us. Conducting this research in Unit 7 and Unit 9 helped me become more aware of what other facilities are lacking or what the facility I work in needs to improve on. I can honestly say that I hear from new residents, family members, and new employees that they are very glad our facility doesn’t look/smell like other nursing homes. The skilled nursing home (Cross Keys Village- Brethren Home Community) I chose in my Unit 7 assignment was picked because I have heard from numerous individuals (staff, family members, and residents) that, that home is not somewhere you want to work or have a family member live.
Although I’ve learned a lot from this course, learning more about quality measures has been a process I’ve been able to apply to my career the most. How can you know if performance at the healthcare facility you work at is improving or getting worse over time if you don’t have quality measures in place. Healthcare is very complex and specialized so being able to identify processes, outcomes, and patient perceptions can help healthcare organizations provide better care.

Morenike Adeoye 
I have learned in this class the tools needed and approaches that are fundamental to total quality management and continuous quality improvement. As time passes we find new ways and tech to deliver healthcare, knowing it keeps organizations on the lookout for the best and brightest to perform these new procedures and personal to run the high tech equipment as needed in the delivery of safe and effective healthcare. Healthcare operational and quality assessment will provide organization ideas that can aid in reaching its goal and bridging the gap between the community and the healthcare providers. From the knowledge that I’ve gained, it will help me better understand my organization’s performance if it is improving and the areas that need improvement and Also to navigate and communicate with both employers and employees as we try to reach a great work balance.  This course has also taught me to keep both the employer and employees’ goals in mind and ensure that we help either one do their best to obtain the goals.


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