Guidelines for a Reflective Paper

In reality, it Is a lifestyle of Its own – something some people view as Hellenizing and patriotic while some view as terrifying and unacceptable. Some people are incredibly proud of a family member having served or have given his/her life to service; while some feel remorseful for having lost a loved one in war. However you look at it, military service is like a pendulum. It goes back and forth; left and right; liked or disliked; loved and hated; patriotic or horrific.
To get to the point, every member of a military family is affected by the demands of the military; husband, wife, children, and even extended families such as grandparents, uncles and aunts. Additionally, every aspect of life Is also affected by the military -? marriage, schooling, religious practices, cultural, moral, social, and economic. Perhaps, the children represent a great percentage of the affected population. They are the silent majority – since they can’t protest and need to get along with the flow of the rigid military life.
My Life Before Who really knows what life Is Like for the children In the military? How do they cope with the separations due to deployments, changes In schools, leaving their friends Enid, starting a new social circle someplace In the world, divorce, culture shocks, language barriers, and career choices? No one would know better but a child who grew up wrapped around the military tight grip. I was one of these children. We are referred to as military brats; a moniker I am not really crazy about. But the military was my life for _ years. I learned to love it and hate it.

I learned to appreciate it and loathe It. Learned to live It. And I found out that kids on the other side of the world (non-military) have Just as much If not more reasons to love and hate their life. I am not going to draw comparisons and contrasts between the two sectors but I would like to focus on how the military life has affected me as a person that I am now. How did it influence my philosophy in life? What did I experience out there that helped me mold my character? How did the military drive my energy and resources (in spite of Its straining demands) so I could look at the positives and build on them?

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Guidelines for a Reflective Paper
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