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Parents recently notified the children that they were getting a divorce and that the father would be moving out. The Kelly’s are seeking help from a social worker due to the children holding resentments, acting out at school and home. The family has experienced great change and the divorce is directly affecting the children. The family is seeking guidance on how to move past the divorce and to help focus on the children’s behaviors. The affair the father had, and the relationship of the parents have been strained and they have grown distant from one another which are the main causes of the affair.

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Group Wiki Project
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Mellissa/Mother: 45-year-old, white, female. Was a stay at home mother until the twins went to school last year, and currently works at a home décor store for 30 hours each week. She is a high school graduate. She has strong connections to her parents who currently live within a 15-minute drive of her shared home with her husband. Mother was prescribed medications for her depression and anxiety. Mother wants to go back to school to get a degree in social work but due to her busy lifestyle, she cannot find time to do so

David/ Father: 48-year-old white, male. Works in business and has a 4-year college degree. Father has infidelity issues which is one of the main reasons for the divorce. He travels a lot for work. Both his parent is deceased. Recently the father travels out of the country to attend an educational conference in reference to new computer software that will be utilized by his company. Father often drinks daily and take medications to stay alert

On the flight back to the united states David became very ill and was hospitalized and later find out he was diagnosed with the coronavirus and has been isolated in the hospital away from his family and friends. He is suffering from alcohol withdrawals, with a high fever, sweats, and chills from symptoms from the coronavirus

David revealed to the social worker he has been interacting with since being in the hospital he has fear and anxiety of dying. He reports that he feels guilty for always putting his work before his family and having the affair which failed after two years, He feels that he needs to see his family and spend time with him before he dies.

Ashley and Katlyn/Twin Girls: 6-year-old, females who just started school this past year, Ashley is outspoken and has expressed concern over her parents’ divorce. Katlyn is shyer but is has been isolating herself more since the parents disclosed, they were separating/divorcing. Katlyn is being bullied at school and plans to take a Knife to school to attack her bully. Ashley is aware of the affair the father had and is angry and will not stay alone with the father.  

Arron/Older Brother: 15-year-old and has been acting out at school and home since the parents’ divorce. He has expressed anger to both parents but tends to connect more with the mother. His grades have declined, and he has been suspended from school for a physical altercation with another student. Arron secretly cuts himself in privacy to release the pain of depression, confusion in reference to his sexuality. Arron knows about his father’s affair and is blaming his father for the divorce of the family. Arron was sexually molested by his father’s friend when he was 8 years old, he feels that his father blames him for the friend going to jail.

Divorce—Family of 5 enter treatment because parents announced they are getting divorced. Children are upset.

I have to put input on each topic pertaining to the family a page each

1 page each

Engagement and Assessment

Recommendations for Treatment

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Intervention


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