Group assignment Block chain PPT on Aerospace / Defense


Cover Page (Presentation Info)
Overview on Aerospace & Defense industry – 1 slide       
Key Industry Players – 1 slide
Major Problem Area – 1 slide (Supply chain area)
Problem – Use Case Overview – 1 slide
Overview on Block chain
Use case solution detail – 1 of 5
Use case solution detail – 2 of 5
Use case solution detail – 3 of 5
Use case solution detail – 4 of 5
Use case solution detail – 5 of 5
Blockchain innovation cost impact
 Impact Analysis (who, what, when) -1
Impact analysis -2
 Innovation Cost
 Solution benefits -1
Solution benefits -2
Challenges / Roadblock-1
Challenges/ Robadblock-2
 Result/ Conclusion
Reference (most)

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Group assignment Block chain PPT on Aerospace / Defense
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Need to do point 1 to 10 and 21(Reference)
Point 7-10 no need as such picture. Put more text. 

send me all docs you are following. attach all those. 

Each group will be required to create a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (not a TERM PAPER). In the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION, you are to convince the executive leadership in your company (think CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO) why the use of Blockchain Technology will solve your business problem. The presentation must include the following:

A overview of the industry listed
Key industry players in the industry
What are three to five major business problems in the industry today?
Select ONE of these problems that can be solved using blockchain technology? (This is the overview to the use case)
What are five ways the problem can be solved using blockchain technology? (This is the details to the use case)Who will the blockchain innovation impact in the organization?

You must explain – the what, how, why for each. 

What is the cost associated with the innovation?
What do you foresee the outcome to be should the organization implement the blockchain technology innovation?
Are there any technical challenges/roadblocks that the organization should be aware of that may prevent a successful implementation?
Provide a clear and convincing closing to why this solution is the best way forward for the organization. 

How the assignment will be graded:

The presentation should be a MINIMUM of 20 slides (including Cover and References). The deck should NOT EXCEED 25 pages. 
You should make the presentation for an executive audience. That means, Times New Roman or Arial Font Face, Size 14-18 for text. Size 20-24 for headers. (20% of your grade is presentational design)
Graphics are essential. A minimum of 8-10 graphics should be included that are meaningful. Custom graphics/tables are preferred!
Clearly, concise well written presentations are essential. Grammar/Spelling count for 10% of your grade. 
Each slides should include a minimum of one reference. (You need to reference your source material for each slide in APA format. This will be 20% of your overall grade). 
The content will count towards 50% of your grade. 


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