Greenland Glaciers

Geological Features: glacier is commonly white and made of ice. It may appear dirty near its end due to debris that it is carried or pushed by the movement o f the glacier. Glaciers can be massive in size stretching across continents (Greenland) or m ay be small sitting atop of mountains. Landscape is ice with some formation of dirt and other land mixed in due to movement. B. The size Of a glacier may depend on if on land or broken off from land.
Greenland Ocean depending on where the glacier is from and the time period, different mineral s and elements may be present in the glaciers core. 2. Process(SE): Glaciers are formed when snow builds up for several years from snowfall that exceeds snowbell. Over time, as new snow compresses the axis ting snow, the weight causes the snow underneath to turn to ice. The hardening effect is Simi liar to what happens when you pack a snowball in your hand.
The pressure from addition al layers of snow builds for up to thousands of years; the ice gets compressed so much the at the air is forced out and the glacier’s color appears to be blue. A. Singularly confederacies ice. B . As snow builds up, the pressure causes ice to form below c . Color may appear blue due to the force AAA Real world Example(s): Greenland and the formation of ice on top of the land.

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Greenland Glaciers
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