Great Britain or The Industrialized Nation

The industrialized nation, now known as Great Britain, had many factors to fuel its rise. During the rise of the first industrialized nation, many changes occurred such as new inventions. The rise of Great Britain was fueled by: the factors of production, social, political, and economic climate, and some brand new inventions to help ease the everyday lives of Great Britain. The rise of industrialized Great Britain was fueled by factors of production. One factor of production was land.
Land was a factor of production because of the natural resources. Another factor of production was labor. With the increase in land, there came an increase in population. An increase in population meant an increase in work force. Another factor of production was capital. As production increased, the income of the country began to show an increase. These factors of production fueled the rise of Great Britain. Moreover, economic climate also fueled the rise. Social climate increased along with the industrialized Great Britain.
Political climate became more stable when industrialization increased. Economic climate also showed stability when Great Britain rose. Economic climate was not the only factor that fueled the rise of Great Britain. Some inventions of that time also fueled industrialization. Many inventions were beginning to appear. One very important invention that came up was the loom. The loom helped boost the textile industry. It increased the speed of making cloth and fabrics for clothes. Another important invention was the steam engine.

The steam engine generated power for factories without pollution. This invention led to further increases of industrialization. Another invention that helped with the textile industry was the sewing machine. The sewing machine also increased the speed in making clothes and other objects. Great Britain experienced a great change during this time. Industrialization brought Great Britain some major increase with population, labor, and income. It also led to a more stable environment, and brought great inventions that helped the nation grow.

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Great Britain or The Industrialized Nation
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