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MY place is ITALY


so you have to make research on ITALY. follow these instructions carefully pls



Step 1: Search the Internet for information about the types of agriculture that are most commonly practiced in the place (i.e., country) that you have selected for your portfolio project for this semester and its impact on the environment. Some specific things to look for:


  1. Top 5 crops produced for domestic consumption/use (what are they and how much)
  2. Top 5 crops produced for export (what are they, how much, and where do they export)
  3. Top 5 food items that imported (what are they, how much, and where do they come from)
  4. Top 3 environmental impacts/issues associated with agriculture and food production in the place that you are studying (at least one of these should be an example of how it has impacted an aspect of the biosphere within the place).



Step 2: In a Word document, write a summary of at least 300 words in which you discuss the information that you found. In closing your summary, you should provide your own evaluation of how sustainable the agricultural and food supply system for this place seems to be. In addition, you should provide at least 3 maps, graphs, or images that help illustrate the food supply and agricultural production methods used in this place. For each map/graph/image, provide brief explanation for why you included it. Be sure to include a works cited list at the end of your document that includes full bibliographic citations for each source that you find


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