Luxury fashion brands that were established three or four decades ago were born out of passion fashion and to create a legacy that could be passed down from one generation to another. The items from the past speak of opulence, elegance and status that t remain ever popular in the present days – some call it classics while others deem it as collectors’ items. Whatever one chooses to name it, fashion houses are capitalising on fashion trends of today and bringing the trends from the past back to the runway. A fashion house that is creating ripples of admiration is Givenchy with its Fall/Winter 2013 collection for women.
Hubert de Givenchy, one of the first and most important haute couture designers worldwide, set the trends of Parisian fashion and defined elegance worldwide and fast forward to the present and the Parisian luxury label currently designed by Riccardo Tisci, still preserves the code set by Hubert de Givenchy: playing with a palette of non-colours, grey, black, white and beige, to better outline an uncluttered silhouette while adding the personalised touch of Riccardo which is mainly dark romantic. Together they make Givenchy one of the most appreciated brands in the world.
An array of bag collections was unveiled at recent preview of Givenchy’s FW 2013 collection, and among them, the HDG and Antigona – two of this season’s collections stand taller than the rest. It is fast becoming the IT bags to be seen on the arms of stars, celebrities and the likes of them. Creating a collection after iconic individuals is a way of immortalising these icons and to ensure their presence lingers with the brand for generations to come, and the HDG pays homage to the man who put Givenchy on the fashion map of the world.

The Givenchy HDG Fall collection is Riccardo Tisci’s perception of a French couture house creating a bag for the dynamic urban woman. It is about class and elegance with a hint of sporty attitude that is easy to wear. All these fundamental notions are what the name Givenchy stands for. Its simple shape with pure lines is twisted with a chunky metal chain, adding a masculine feel. The HDG comes in a medium or small size in herringbone cotton, calf leather, eel, or sea-wolf. The printed version features ‘maison Givenchy’ as a reference to what was written on the labels sewn onto haute couture creations.
The House of Givenchy is thrilled to be bringing back the star of Fall/Winter 2010 – the Antigona collection. This collection designed by Riccardo Tisci first debuted on the runway in the Fall-Winter 2010 Ready-to-wear collection alas the nature of the Antigona collection is timeless, the fashion house felt it is apt to reintroduce it to fashion connoisseurs in the Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Its sharp details and boxy construction represent Riccardo Tisci’s love of the masculine and feminine contrast and with a recognizable, structured shape, this new design combines the feminine aspects of a classic Boston bag with masculine features.
Several references are made to its military spirit such as a large industrial zipper or a triangle padded leather patch. Exclusively designed metal hooks and loops were developed alongside a leather shoulder strap to allow the Givenchy woman to carry the Antigona in different ways. Inspired by “Antigone”, a strong female figure in Greek Mythology whose name stands for “unbending”, the Antigona is a modern bag that will remain a classic in Riccardo Tisci’s accessories collections for Givenchy.
Some of the stars who have been spotted with this classic on their arms are Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Zoe Saldana, Kate Moss and Demi Lovato to name a few. Overall, the Fall/Winter 2013 women’s collection marries the strength of gypsies and the romanticism of a Victorian feeling to celebrate women. Riccardo Tisci revisits the signature shapes and prints of his Givenchy archives to create bold feminine silhouettes. Looking at the gypsy aesthetics borrowing men’s clothes but adding femininity in cutting and mixing them with women’s pieces, Riccardo Tisci creates a collection constantly playing with the feminine and the masculine.
Biker jackets, bomber jackets, sweatshirts and collar-less duffle coats are paired with under-the-knee skirts and flow-y balloon-shaped dresses. Delicate flounces, graceful ruffles and micro-pleats animate blouses, shirts and dresses. Graphic patchworks of fabrics and prints reveal elaborate techniques of construction and a contrasting take on textures. The sensuality of lace or silk chiffon is reworked in a mosaic-like geometry.
Flower-printed flannel, rose-painted chunky tweed and paisley jacquard are paired with lumberjack checked shirts, Madonna-printed velvet and shark jaws men’s prints. Embroidered tulle and chiffon display stars, large sequins and crystals. Sharp boots show hand-stitched stripes of multi-coloured elaphe, python, whip snake or eel. Chain bracelets in palladium feature an engraved medal. Carrier straps are turned into braided leather or crystal pave belts. The Fall-Winter 2013 Women’s Givenchy collection is turning out to be a lust-worthy contender for your precious hard-earned salary.

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